JõululaevFirmaüritus ja suvepäevad Naissaarel – korraldame koolitusi, põnevaid mänge, ekskursioone ja pidu rannal! …


Steamer "Katharina" is an old coastal passenger vessel. Great care is taken to preserve the ship as living historical monument.

The everyday upkeep of the vessel is funded with Your help and Tour ticketing.

Please help us to preserve the maritime heritage!

Thank You all, mates!

Aarne Peenmaa C/E • Allar Viik, IT • Andre, Genert & Gunnar Miller • Arne Timmerling • Jaak Tõnisots, chippy • Jaanus Zovo, Capt. • Kass Tont • Lauri "Tai" Niibo • Maire Annus • Mihkel Kihva • Tiit Einberg, Capt. • Urmas "Ummi" Tuberg •


Sunlines Cruise Co:

Office +372 5032321
e-mail: info@sunlines.eu
office & mailing address:
Sügise 14-2, Tallinn 10149, Estonia
Home Port: Lennusadam, Estonian Maritime Museum, Tallinn

We are most happy to see the people on board looking for traditional maritime heritage and following the ancient call of adventure.
Sail with us and enjoy the big hug of Mother Nature. Be Happy!

Capt. Herkki Haldre
A Cape Horner AD 2013


Mooring place in Lennusadam, Estonian Maritime Museum, Tallinn

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